How to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful

Remember that you don’t need an excuse to tell a girl that she’s beautiful. Tell her at a moment when you find yourself genuinely, powerfully struck by her beauty. Say, “You’re beautiful,” or “You are exquisite.” Try picking out one particular quality to compliment her on: say, “You have the most gorgeous eyes,” or “Your smile is radiant.” Don’t be afraid to get creative and tap into your feelings, and make sure that you mean it.

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  • How do you make a girl feel pretty?
  • How do you make a girl blush?
  • What makes a girl happy?

Setting the Stage

  1. Choose the right means. There are lots of different ways to tell a girl that she’s beautiful and they don’t always mean just saying “You’re beautiful” to some girl. Anyone can do that. If you want to stand out, you’ve got to get a little creative.
    • Choose how you want to deliver the compliment. Do you want to talk to the girl in person, or do you want to do something like write her a letter or text her telling her about how beautiful you think she is. Writing a letter is fun and old-fashioned and something very few people do nowadays. She’ll definitely remember a letter telling her she’s beautiful.
  2. Link it with an action. Instead of just telling her she’s beautiful, accompany it with an action. This could be as simple as giving her a flower (or an origami flower) or small, individual token when you give her the compliment.
    • You could give her a small item and say ‘I just wanted to make sure you know how beautiful you are.’
  3. Consider what you want to highlight with your compliment. Just saying “You’re beautiful” is very vague. What about her do you find beautiful? Does she have gorgeous green eyes or long, thick curly hair?
    • You should also consider inner and outer beauty. Instead of telling how beautiful she looks, say something like “I love how you manage to light up an entire room just by being you.”
  4. Pick the right time. Just blurting out ‘you’re beautiful’ to a girl probably isn’t going to do much for her or you, especially if either of you are drunk. Telling a girl she’s beautiful (if you’re looking to do it properly) needs to be properly timed.
    • Try to do it at an unusual time. Most girls have been told they’re beautiful when they’re all dressed up for a night out. Try telling her she’s beautiful just after she’s come back from the gym, or when she’s not wearing any make-up. It’ll feel more meaningful and sincere.

Doing the Deed

  1. Be confident. Instead of looking at this moment as you putting yourself out there, try to think of it as you trying to make someone’s day brighter. This way you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll find it easier to tell the girl she’s beautiful.
    • Being nervous is okay, though. You can even tell her “I really wanted to tell you how beautiful you are, but you make me really nervous.”
  2. Be authentic. When you’re telling her that you find her beautiful, be authentic about it. Focus on what you do indeed find beautiful about her, in terms of looks and in terms of personality.
  3. Use more creative words. Words like “beautiful” and “pretty” and “hot” have been way overused and don’t have that much meaning, anymore. try to find different words to describe her that mean beautiful, or can get across how beautiful you find her.
    • To name a few fun and different ones: “radiant,” “breathtaking,” “elegant,” “riveting,” or “dazzling.”
  4. Take it deeper. Telling a girl that she’s beautiful can be part of your way to let a girl know that you’d like to have a better and more meaningful connection with her. Tell the girl that you love to be with her, that you find her beautiful and her presence makes you happy.


  • Smiling while giving the compliment is a great way to make you both happy.


  • If she doesn’t react well to your compliment, that’s okay, especially if she doesn’t know you. Not every girl wants to be constantly reminded about her appearance.


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